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Sunshine and secco resistance to send the cooperation agreem

Sunshine and secco resistance to send the cooperation agreement

In order to better promote water-based resin market, Beijing sun hui's environmental protection technology co., LTD. And the resistance to the trading company established a strategic cooperative relations, the water-based resin products fully into the national and global market.

Is resistant to the company in the asia-pacific region's largest and most prestigious industrial chemicals, minerals and food ingredients international one of agents and distributors. Sun hui, establish cooperation relationship with families and resistance to the herald sun hui, water-based resin products will get a promotion and the sale of a wide, not only limited to domestic, we will also actively expand overseas markets, with the resistance of the cooperation, will be products to the world.

In the specific cooperation in the future, the market focus on hold big customers, big customer planning, and management. Sun hui, according to the different market demand also continue to make a good fist products. In addition, sun hui, together with the branch resistance to Europe will also establish a "water-based industrial coatings service network platform", fully display products and answering questions for technology, online order, fast delivery samples, etc., so as to provide better service to our customers.

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