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Sun hui's sponsorship to participate in "2015 China coating

Sun hui's sponsorship to participate in "2015 China coating summit"

Beijing sun hui, the company won the "2015 coating industry jung technology innovation", in 2015, on May 14 and 15, sponsored and participated in the 2015 China coating summit and jung technology innovation awards.

For two days of meetings involving industrial anti-corrosion coatings, architectural coatings, wood coatings, 3 c coatings, functional coatings, advanced coating technology innovation six areas, covering the industry trends, advanced technology, management regulations and market trends. More than 500 coating technology research and development on the industrial chain, market, purchasing and other industries elite attended the summit. Through nearly 50 theme lectures and discussion, the meeting focused on the future technology of coating industry, market trends and innovative technologies and solutions in the field of coating.

Beijing sun hui DE company as one of the summit sponsor, giving attaches great importance to. Company set up a booth at the entrance of the venue exhibit, fully shows to customers the company image and water-based resin products, and actively communicate with participants and exhibitors, lively atmosphere.

Held during the same period and jung coating technology innovation awards in 2015, after last year, the sun sinks, won the award again this year, winning products for the company independent research and development of waterborne inorganic modified alkyd resin. This product is introduced in the late synthesis to water for dispersion medium silicon sol inorganic modification. In coating drying process, silicon sol and the active functional group further with hydrophilic groups such as hydroxyl groups in the resin chemical crosslinking, increase the crosslinking density of the coating. This product is not only safe environmental protection, and preparation of the coating drying, degree of hardness, acid and alkali resistance and other performance improved. The ringier technology innovation award as recognition of company research and development technology and new products, we will make persistent efforts, research and development to produce more and better products to serve the society.

In the venue of the technology innovation area, the sun hui, represents the technology of speech titled: "epoxy phosphate ester resin in the application of waterborne anti-corrosive paint", sun hui's company was introduced in detail, and main water-borne resin, expounds the characteristics of waterborne epoxy phosphate ester resin and USES, and water-borne epoxy phosphate coating performance, etc. Sun hui DE as a wholly owned subsidiary of jin hui, over the years has been committed to the r&d and production of water-based resin, now the products have been able to meet the low VOC, water dispersible, can participate in grinding, coating density, good resistance to water, the early simple qualities such as paint process. And complete variety, can be applied to commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, bicycles, electric cars, steel structure, metal parts, aluminum, prefabricated houses, electronic industry and other industrial fields. Sun hui, the company not only provides the high quality products, but also provide a whole set of perfect technical service, to bring customers more competitive.

During the conference, a lot of paint production enterprises to come to consult the sun sinks, water-based resin products, visible trend of waterborne coatings, and the general customer recognition of sun hui, water-based resin products.

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