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Beijing jin hui in environmental association

Beijing jin hui in environmental association

Beijing jin hui, the application of chemical products co., LTD. As a member of the China environmental science society, participated in the December 22, 2014 was held in Beijing in the member. The meeting for green finance branch of China environmental science institute after the inaugural meeting of the first green finance BBS meeting.

Participant from environmental protection, development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the leadership of the society council, the China banking regulatory commission, securities regulatory commission and the national research institutions, etc., and made a keynote report, this paper introduces the national environmental policy and development trend of science and technology, and green finance BBS. Conference theme of "environmental science and technology innovation and environmental investment and financing", is divided into three topics: new thinking, the new trend of green finance green financial and green finance practice. Discussion of environmental service industry investment and financing innovation mechanism and market development, environmental protection infrastructure PPP investment model, carbon finance and emissions trading, green credit innovation of financial products, etc.

China's environmental governance is a big problem, and the financial support policy alone is not enough. The third plenary session of the 18 through "the central committee of the communist party of China on comprehensively deepen reform certain major issue decision" points out, to the development of environmental protection market, promoting energy saving and carbon emission rights, emission and water rights trading system, set up to attract social capital in the market mechanism of the ecological environment protection and implementation of environmental pollution by a third party." This major national policy direction, marked the environmental pollution has been open from the functions of the government to private capital to the society, the environment will become the most active investment and financing innovation mechanism in the field of practice stage.

Therefore, the conference mainly around the center is the "green finance". "Green finance" is refers to the potential returns and risks associated with environmental conditions and the cost of integration into the investment and financing business, pay attention to in the financial business activities on the ecological environment protection and management of the pollution of the environment, promote the sustainable development of the society. The characteristics of "green finance" is: it will be for the environment protection and the effective use of resources as one of the standard of the performance of the metering its activities, through their own activities to guide the economic main body pays attention to the natural ecological balance. It emphasizes the financial activities and environmental protection, coordinated development of the ecological balance, achieve economic and social sustainable development. Due to environmental resources are public goods, the implementation of the green financial needs driven by government policies, the government need to be standard, the strict law enforcement, create a good competitive market environment. Policy can be divided into green credit, green insurance, green securities and so on. Products and services include retail banking, corporate and investment banking and asset management and insurance.

As an effective green finance, combining the PPP mode and the environmental protection industry fund. The PPP model is Public, Private, Partnership acronym, is refers to between the government and society, in order to build infrastructure projects, environmental protection on the basis of the franchise agreement, between each other to form a Partnership of cooperation, and sign the contract to clear the rights and obligations of both sides, to ensure the smooth completion of cooperation, eventually make all parties to act alone is more advantageous than expected results. The PPP pattern matching is a project package, in the project in the package is divided into high profits, profit and low project group, can drive the most low income or no income in the field of environmental protection group, set the financing, construction and operation as a whole, make the environmental protection industry is not only reduce the cost, and profit, finally achieve corporate profits and the government to achieve environmental protection target win-win results.

Meetings also talked about the carbon market present situation and prospect. Carbon trading is the basic principle of, a party to the contract by paying the other party for greenhouse gas emissions reductions, the buyer can be used to buy credits to slow down the greenhouse effect so as to realize its goals to reduce emissions. In row 6 were asked to reduce greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide as the biggest, so this kind of deal that carbon dioxide emissions as a commodity, thus formed the carbon emissions rights trading, hereinafter referred to as carbon trading. The trading market known as the carbon market. China is the world's second largest emitters of greenhouse gases, is seen by many countries as the most promising emission reduction markets. The 12th five-year plan put forward by 2015 unit of gross domestic product (GDP) of carbon dioxide emissions's target of 17% lower than in 2010, and to emphasize more play the role of market mechanisms to achieve emission reduction targets. Through the establishment of voluntary carbon trading market, encourage enterprises to voluntary carbon trading, not only can cultivate and promote enterprise's and personal social responsibility consciousness, to reduce emissions and can encourage enterprises to accelerate technological upgrading, and promote green low carbon transformation, which helps to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction in China. At present, Beijing pilot implementation plan has been approved by a national development and reform commission review, is expected in 2015, the basic formation of carbon emissions trading system with the characteristic of the capital. Shenzhen emissions exchange, as one of the pilot cities, first launched in June 18, 2013, carbon emissions trading, six months, shenzhen carbon market maintained a relatively stable running situation, participants increase gradually, increasing market trading volume, market price is stable. The current China to vigorously develop the green economy, energy conservation and emissions reduction, promoting low carbon economy as an important task of national development, aims to cultivate based on low energy consumption, low pollution, low carbon emissions in new economic growth point. To expand the carbon emissions trading market, promote the generation of the new industry opportunities.

Environmental protection is a very promising industry, "energy conservation and emissions reduction", "global warming", "three action plan" and so on many subjects have brought opportunities for the development of green finance. "Environmental pollution to a third party" is the core of specialization, pollution from "who pollution, who governance" to "who pollution, who paid, the third party", as an important way to attract social effective investment. "Three action plan" for the action plan for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, the water pollution prevention plan of action, and action plans for prevention and cure of soil pollution. Countries will invest 1.7 trillion yuan, for the control of air pollution has become the biggest focus of energy saving and emission reduction. Divided into management of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides management of key projects, industrial dust control, industrial volatile organic compounds governance consists car knocked out, dust, oil and gas recovery, comprehensive treatment, capacity building, eight classes. The water pollution prevention plan of action plans to invest 2 trillion yuan, mainly for the following four aspects: entrusted operation treating industrial waste water, municipal sewage scale expansion, film processing equipment and project promotion, the increasing demand for other water treatment equipment. Soil action plan of investment scale is expected to reach tens of one hundred million yuan, the key is to implement the severe pollution of farmland planting structure adjustment, to carry out the pilot pollution soil and restoration, soil environmental protection and pollution control demonstration area construction of six. Overall, the three major environmental protection action plan will bring trillions of investment.

For green finance experts also gives some Suggestions on the development of the meeting: 1, good for the relevant government departments should formulate laws and regulations standard, and strictly enforced; 2, for financial institutions to actively innovation, to provide a variety of investment and financing ways and products; 3, for environmental protection enterprises, on the one hand, to improve energy conservation and emissions reduction, on the other hand to improve the understanding of green finance.

Green finance is the development direction of the future, because of the financial intervention, with the support of the government, the development of the green market will be faster.

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